Missa in H-Moll
(Missa in H-Minor)

by Johann Sebastian Bach



Direction, Stage and Costume Design: Achim Freyer
Musical Direction: Thomas Hengelbrock
Dramatury: Klaus-Peter Kehr



Length: 110 minutes, no intermission
Premiere: April 30, 1996, Festival Schwetzingen
Guest Performances: Opera Bonn, St. Pölten, Los Angeles Opera House
TV Recording and Screening: Arte


This work by J.S.Bach and its implications beyond audibility refer much more to human life than to god. Bach is most concerned with the prayers for mercy for the indigence of human existence in this world. The Missa in H-Minor is an important landmark of western music, which treats human life as its central theme.

The piece allows a glance and response through the closed shell of a human being into its inside, into a space where the human creature is being discovered anew, where human existence is the measure of all things. One single person, a couple, a group, a mass movement, its intermediate spaces and worlds build the material for the narrative of this scenic world premiere. It does not simply reiterate the drama of the music, but rather makes it visible for the audience.
Achim Freyer / Klaus-Peter Kehr




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