Liebe von Kopf bis konfus
(Love from head to confused)

A Comedy by Achim Freyer
Based on La Dispute by Monsieur Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux


Concept and Direction:    Achim Freyer
Stage and Costume Design:   Maria-Elena Amos


Length: 70 minutes, no intermission
Premiere: January 20, 1993, Theater am Turm (TAT), Frankfurt
Guest Performances: Vienna Festwochen; Theaterhaus Gessnerhalle, Zürich; Basel;
Akademie der Künste, Berlin; Opera Bonn; Gütersloh; Theaterforum Ludwigsburg; Klosterruine Eldena;
Internationales Theaterfestival EUROKAZ Zagreb; Schwetzinger Festspiele


La Dispute by Marivaux is a comedic satirical play about the question which gender is leaning more towards promiscuity. Four young innocent people are being subject to a trial. Under constant observation their awakening, hastily lived-through and fading love is being exposed to harsh scrutiny. Liebe von Kopf bis konfus is a collage of texts around this subject by Marivaux, Shakespeare, Goethe and Roland Barthes. Loving encounters and relationships, hopes and dreams, promiscuity and jealousy develop in this theatrical landscape of multifarious dimensions. Restless and self-involved Achim Freyer's 'lovers' mirror their egos in their opposite players, desiring to become one with the other. Here, language transforms into music and movement becomes language.


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