A film by Achim Freyer


Screenplay, Direction, Scenery and Costume Design: Achim Freyer
Script, Assistant Writer, Assistant Director:   Johannes Grebert
Camera: Bodo Kessler
Production: Manfred Frei
Music: Eric Satie, Olivier Messiaen, Dieter Schnebel

Performers: Zoro Babel, Ralf Harster, Michael Hirsch, Rainer Homann, Pavel Janicek, Anna Karger, Cornelia Kempers, Lajos Kovacs, Blanca Modra, Sylvia Rodeck, Jonathan Fuchs, Lucie & Martha Fuchs, Julia Freyer, Manfred Frei

Speaker: Fritz Hakl



Length: 80 minutes
Premiere: 44. International Film Festival Berlin, 1994
Showings: Film Festival Munich, Midem Cannes, Experimental Film Festival Madrid


The film follows the musical principle of theme and variation. Repeatingly using the same sceneries, new connections constantly develop within the web of characters, images and music. Everything seems to be in motion, cyclic and linear: a motion, beginning at the distant sea, moving through a mythological and visionary Theatrum Mundi to finally end again by the ocean. Always anew, the profound lightness of Satie's music and the utmost yearning of Messiaen depict the journey through transforming sites and mutating figures. Above all we hear a voice in a seemingly endless monologue, including fragments of fairy-tales, the bible, Dante's Devine Comedy, Büchner, Dali and others, which interweave, building a suggestive flow.

Freyer places characters from different theater pieces of his into landscapes, which transform through these grotesque and surreal creatures and through the metaphoric compositions of the camera into artificial, but soulful sceneries. The reality of Freyer's film is an imaginary reality rather than a naturalistic one. Without following a linear plot the film takes the audience through a poetic kaleidoscope of human conditions, desires, archetypical and metaphorical confrontations with death, sin, love and instinct. A Chinese

puzzle full of beauty and agonizing darkness.
Johannes Grebert

This film, which was produced in Italy in 1991, is part of the repertory of the Freyer-Ensemble and can be requested as an additional program to any of its theater pieces.



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