The Freyer-Ensemble, a diversified group made up of actors, acrobats, musicians, singers, dancers and stage designers, has evolved through many years of collaborating artistically with Achim Freyer on several theatrical productions such as Re-Aktion (Tanzforum Cologne 1975), the Philip Glass trilogy (Staatstheater Stuttgart), Ovid's Metamorphosen, Woyzeck and Phaeton (Burgtheater Vienna).


The members of the company come together two or three times a year to create and stage new works for the theater. This unique association of diverse disciplines from the performing and fine arts, stands for a singularly characteristic theater form where distinct performances utilizing music, dance, the spoken word and artistic feats are experienced.

Since 1988, the company has developed more than twenty individual theater pieces on various themes and in contrasting forms. Although most of the productions have been produced in state subsidized theaters, the extraordinary artistic results are due foremost to the continual focus on specifically developed working methods and techniques of the artists involved and to the company itself.

The company regards itself as a theater-studio, in which self-designated themes are explored through a myriad of theatrical forms and where the boundaries between drama, artistic, dance, speech, music and visual art are allowed to remain undefined. It offers a forum for discussion, education and research not only to further the development of new theater forms, but also to encourage and support the next generation of performers, as well as to continue to develop their own exceptional "theater language" which has grown out of the work together with Achim Freyer.

In addition to the productions planned by Achim Freyer for the future, the company will also be working with other stage directors in the hope of stimulating further development and expanding their specificallly group oriented, very special form of theater.